About Me

Hi! My name is Kurtis Griess. I'm the creator of triojoblist.com. I am the Director of TRIO Student Support Services at State Fair Community College, and I previously worked in for six years as a Coordinator and Director of two Upward Bound Math and Science programs in New Mexico. I love TRIO and have seen the impact our programs have on students first-hand. As a Director, I have sometimes found it difficult to spread the word about open positions and I had numerous people tell me they wish they had known about TRIO sooner or they would have applied. Triojoblist.com aims to connect meaningful programs with inspired, passionate individuals so we can all make a difference.

Have more questions about what working in a TRIO program is like? Want someone to review your resume? Reach out - I'd love to talk with you!

Contact: triojoblist@gmail.com or 505-312-5038